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Unconditional Love For Our Feelings – Walking Meditation

Have you ever experienced emotions that felt maybe overwhelming, confusing or just uncomfortable? But even though you avoided it, it felt like it just lingered or was never resolved?

Session Details

Exercise TypeWalking
VariationsSpeed Walking, Running
Format2 Min Intervals
3 to 4 minute Intervals
Length30 Min Movement + 5 Min meditation
Sometimes something happens and have a reaction we don’t understand immediately or feel things we wish we didn’t have to.
For me, these are the times I need very loving & gentle words to myself so that I can feel heard and feel better.

For example, the other day I got into a big fight with my partner. I wondered to myself if this would mean we would have to break up. Yikes! So many emotions & worries came flying in that I didn’t know what the main reason I was upset.

My common reaction to these situations is to deny how I feel & criticize myself for needing more time/attention than 2 minutes to recompose. I usually just try to distract myself with work or thinking of a solution.
So I decided to go for a run, but after 5 minutes my body and mind still felt sad. I decided to just walk…and then just to sense how I feel, and take on a response of, “I understand. Tell me about it. It’s OK to feel that.”
So this session is a space of unconditional love, patience & understanding to whatever you feel & think. The first step is just to listen to ourselves. We may say things or feel things that are not the solution or that we don’t ultimately agree with. That’s OK. Our emotions still need to feel heard.

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