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End of Week Journaling (24 Min Guided Audio) Ep 8

Good job on finishing another week!

In this guided journal, before we rush into the next weekend or the next week, let’s give ourselves attention by giving what we did and what we felt and what happened attention. I find that one of the key ways to show ourselves unconditional love and attention is through reflection about what happened.

Often we rely on conversations with our partner or friends, but we can’t always rely on those interactions. Sometimes we need a very quiet, private space to really reflect and give ourselves full attention.

In this guided journal, you can write down your answers or say them out loud. You can even use them as prompts to share your thoughts with a loved one.

After each question, I’ll pause for a few minutes, so you can answer.

Before we get started. I want you to say “good job me”, because you did well. Say to yourself, “I love me”. Tell yourself there were so many moments that you probably wanted to give up, but you didn’t. So you did great. You got through the week, congratulate yourself.

Now, before we get started, we’re going to do some deep breathing.

Take a deep breath in.

Breathe in again, through your nose. And through your mouth. Deep, deep, deep, but gentle on the body, deeper, deeper, deeper. And breathe out.

Allow your head and your stomach to relax. Relax your whole body. Feel your body become more and more relaxed as you breathe in deeply, allow your breath to fill your chest, then your stomach. Relax in your stomach. Relax in your legs. Relax in your hands. Relax in your chest

Feel your stomach lose all the tension as you breathe in and breathe out.

Great job. Now we’re going to start our journal.

The first journal question is in the beginning of the week, what occupied your time?

Towards the end of the week, what did you do or what occupied your time?

How many times this past week did you get a stop to take a moment and take a big deep breath?

Name three or more activities that gave you bliss.

Did you come to any specific decisions this past week? If so, what were they?

Did you think of any new questions that you want to allow your mind to start searching for answers for? If so, what were those questions?

Name something funny that made you smile or laugh.

Each moment is important. And each moment we have emotions. And each moment we deserve and need love. A whole week of a moments and emotions has passed. If in any moment we felt scared or you felt scared, alone, angry, maybe feeling not good enough, it’s okay that you felt that way. In that moment, you deserved love an unconditional attention, but this life has so many demands.

Maybe in that moment, you didn’t have time to care for yourself. That’s okay. That doesn’t mean that you didn’t deserve love and attention in that moment.

So now in this time that you have with yourself right now, which is so precious, every emotion that you feel or remember that you felt is okay. And also, any thought that comes up that you had this past week is okay.

It’s okay for you to just sit with yourself and be present as activity of our brain and our feelings pass through our minds, through our bodies.

What are four different emotions that you felt during this week that stood out? I find sometimes my mind wants to generalize that one is strong feeling that I had is the only feeling I felt. So I encourage you to think of a range of emotions that you felt.

Name three or more common thoughts that you noticed come up in your brain this past week.

Was there anything especially difficult this past week? If so, what was that?

Is there a friend that you might want to reach out to this?

Is there anything you might want to do differently this upcoming week that happened this past week?

For this upcoming week, how can you embody a kindness and patience with yourself and with life’s unexpected moments?

Good job. I know it’s not easy to reflect. I think we all want to move on to the next exciting thing, but you did it. As you go into the next week, remember that it’s always okay to stop and take a big deep breath. Remember, you are always loved. You’re always there within yourself and in every moment you deserve all of the love and attention that you need.

Thanks for listening to the guided meditations journals and workouts podcast. I hope in today’s session, you able to connect with that part of yourself that needs some good love and attention. If you liked today’s podcast, could you do me a favor and leave a review on apple iTunes?

Thank you so much for listening and thank you for being part of the community.

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