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Checking In With Ourselves – Jogging Meditation + Meditation (28 Min) Ep 3

Theme: Checking In With Ourselves


The theme is checking in with yourself and knowing that you are perfect in this moment and you’re doing great!

It’s broken up into 6 sections:

  1. Warm-up
  2. Speed up
  3. Top speed
  4. Final Sprint
  5. Cool down
  6. Short meditation

You can do this as a jog outside or as a treadmill run.

To make it interesting, I have specifically set it up as if you do have treadmill controls with incline or speed.

However, you don’t have to run on a treadmill to do this workout.

We’ll be doing it as intervals of one to three to four minutes where every interval will change either the incline the speed or both.

The Most Important Thing in Exercise Meditation

The number one priority in exercise meditation is to be with yourself, to love yourself, to be there for yourself. The goal of the exercise is to help you get even closer to yourself.

That means you can throw anything that says, “oh, I have to do this”, or “I better do this”, or throw out any negative self-talk that you “believe” is helping you exercise or move or do the right thing in your life, throw all of that out.

And in this exercise-meditation the goal is to be with yourself. And if that means just walking or stretching, that is perfect.

You could really follow along with the exercise meditation, even as a brisk walk.

Enjoy the session.

Verbal Journaling

Since the theme of this workout is how are you doing checking in with yourself, my first question is how do you feel right now?

Increase your inclined by one and your speed by 0.5. Does anything feel tight in your body?

Does anything feel difficult in your life right now?

Is there any other emotions, like excitement, energy, happiness, that’s happening, that you feel right now?

What do you feel good about?

If your heart could talk, what would it say?

Reduce your inclined by one and increase your speed by one.

How do you feel about this past week? Anything interesting or significant happen that you’re thinking about?

How do you feel about the past month or the past few months?

Are there any other feelings in your body you’re feeling, but can’t put a finger on? what does it feel like?

Relax your lungs and feel your lungs. How does your lungs feel? Does it feel tight or loose? Open?

Noticing the Anxiety Inside My Organs

Today I was feeling anxious, I got to be honest, and kind of was frustrated with it. I was very judgmental and I, I think I was jumping rope and I just realized, again, the lesson again, that my organs were kind of scared and there wasn’t really a good reason for it. And so just to be there with that anxiety was helpful.

Guided Meditative Breathing

As your feet bounce and you feel your organs and your body move, how did you feel? What emotions are going on inside of you?

Reduce your incline by one and increase your speed by a half. As you start to feel your body moving, take a deep breath.

Try to focus on the feeling of your feet hitting the floor. Each step, feel each step. You’re doing good. let go of any thoughts that you have and come back to the feeling of the impact on your organs every time you take another step forward. You’re doing great!

Keep your incline the same and increase your speed by a half.

You’re doing good. Let go of any thoughts. Take a big, deep breath and feel that breath as it leaves into your lungs. Feel the breath as it gently expands into the front of your lungs. Feel the breath as it gently expands into the back of your lungs. And then with your whole body breathe out.

You’re doing good. Excellent. Let go of the thoughts. Feel your body as it jogs. Feel your body. Feel your organs. watch your breath as it comes in. Watch your breath, watch your breath as you jog. Letting go of the thoughts. Staying with your breath and watch it as it goes out. You’re doing good

Increase your incline by a half and your speed the same.

We’re definitely increasing the momentum now. You’re doing great. Try to stay with your breath. Count your breath every time it goes out. Staying. Feeling. Watching it as it goes out.

You’re doing good. Keep up that energy. Keep going. Keep pumping it. You got this.

Breathe deep into the front of your lungs. Into the front of your chest. Gently breathe deeper in. You’re doing great. Keep it up. Bring the awareness to your feet, to your hands.

Increase your incline by a half and your speed by a half. Really watching the breath in your lungs, in your chest, in your stomach. You’re doing good. Keep going. Relax the chest, breath in to the chest. You’re doing so good,

We’re more than half way done. As you jog try to contract your pelvis muscles and relax. Try to contract your glutes and relax

Keep letting go of any thoughts. Come back to feeling your organs. Feeling your breath. feeling the impact of the earth against your feet.

We’re really getting into it. Increase your incline by one, but keep your speed the same. How do you feel? Stay with the breath. Stay with the movement of your chest.

You’re doing good. Keep it up, take a deep breath, relax the body, feel the body.

In the next minute and a half, we’re going to really focus on staying in your chest, staying in your lungs, feeling how that feels relaxed. And breathe out from her lungs. Relax. As you breathe in, breathe in to the front of your chest, into the spaces that you usually don’t feel.

Lower the incline by one and increase the speed by one. Stay with the breath. Watch every molecule as it comes into your chest. Watch it, watch it. Watch it. And it comes out, stay with the breath, stay there. Let go of any thoughts, just completely give yourself to your breath. Noticing every molecule movement. Feeling your heartbeat. Feel the blood going through your veins, through your lungs.

Watch the breath. Watch it. Let go of your thoughts. Stay there. You’re doing good. Keep going. You’re doing good. Breathe a little deeper. With every breath, relax the chest, but breathe in deep. Feel the chest expand. Feel the lungs expand. Feel the front of your lungs expand. Feel the back of your lungs expand.

Fill the bottom of your lungs. Fill with air. Stay with your breath. Count. Stay with your breath. Keep your incline the same and increase your speed by a half.

Guided Affirmations

You got this.

You are doing awesome. Say to yourself “I am doing awesome.”

You’re always right there with yourself. No matter where you go. And every moment say to yourself, “I’m always with myself”.

You’re doing so good. Keep going. Almost there.

Say, “I love me. I’m amazing. Just as I am.”

20 more seconds. Say to yourself “I am right here through everything I experienced. I accept me. I love me. Say to yourself “I am amazing. I can do this”. Say “I am doing this”.

You’re doing so good. Say to yourself “I can do this”.

Reduce your incline by one and your speed by one.

Say, “I love me just as I am. Everything is perfect right now. No matter where I go, I am right here with me. I’m never letting myself go.”

Say “My number one priority is me. My peace, love and happiness. It’s okay to take care of me and to put myself first”.

Keep going. You’re doing good. Say “I’m always right here”.

You’re doing so good. If you’re in a place where you can speak out loud with your whole body, say “I can”, and every molecule in your body says “I can”.

Reduce your incline by one and your speed to a light jog. Great job. It’s not easy. And you got to stay with your body. Stay with your breath. This is a great time to start feeling your heartbeat.

How do you feel?

How does your body feel?

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