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Embracing Joy & Success – Run + Meditation (26 Min) Ep 4

Theme: Embracing Joy and Success

Has there been a time in the past where you felt proud of what you’ve done, but for some reason, wouldn’t allow yourself to feel the joy from your accomplishments?

Session Overview – Jogging Meditation

For me, I’ve noticed it’s hard for me in the moment to allow myself to relax and feel good about what I’ve done such as, when I turned around a gym.

Doing some cycle analysis, there’s a lot of reasons I might’ve done that such as I’m afraid that if I let up, I’m going to lose my motivation to keep working or that I don’t deserve it. And the easy one to think to myself is “well, it’s not really a big accomplishment”.

So today’s episode is about empowering that feeling of feeling good when we’ve done some awesome things for the day, whether it’s clearing our desk, brushing our teeth, getting out of bed when we weren’t feeling good.

My fear of Embracing Joy & Success

On the home-life front, I recently finished decorating about 90% of a new house that we moved into about three or four months ago. And it was a lot. It was choosing planters and furniture and carpet. And it was so frustrating because I wanted it to be amazing, but I literally wanted to spend three hours and be done.

I spent four hours choosing tile or researching the measurements of the sofa so it could fit perfectly.

Okay. We’re really making it up this hill. Increase your inclined by a half and decrease your speed by about a half.

So back to the furniture and decorating. I think I look at it and I tell myself, “oh, it’s nice, but it’s no big deal.”

“And oh, furniture choosing. That’s not a real job.”

And I notice I’m just diminishing what I’ve worked on. So that’s something I’m working on. And allowing myself to feel happy and appreciate the work I’ve put into it.

Embracing Joy & Success Verbal Journal Questions

How are you feeling?

What emotions do you feel inside?

Are there any motions that stood out that you felt over the past few days or weeks? What were they?

Tell me something that made you feel happy or excited.

Now we’re really pushing up this hill. Increase your inclined by two and your speed by a half.

Tell me something that made you laugh recently.

What things do you feel grateful for right now?

Tell me something that gave you a lot of bliss that happened recently in the past few weeks or months.

How could you incorporate that more in your life?

Now we’re really going up the hill. So add one to your incline and keep your speed the same.

Regarding that bliss that you felt recently, how could you incorporate that more in your life?

Do you feel there’s anything holding you back from feeling more happy about all these wonderful things that have happened and will happen to you?

Are there any exciting things that are on the horizon that you feel like you can’t feel joyful about yet?

What do you think is a reason that you might be holding back from allowing yourself to feel happy for things in your life?

Embracing Joy & Success Affirmations

Relax. Breathe out and say “I deserve all the happiness I feel”.

Breathe in to the body. Relax the body. Stay in the body. As you breathe out, say “I deserve all the wonderful things that come my way”.

Breathe in. Stay in your body, stay in it, stay in it. As you breathe out, say, “I feel the joy in my body and therefore I feel the joy in the universe”.

Relax your body, but stay in your body. Deep breath in. As you breathe out, say “I deserve all the success that has come my way, and that is coming my way”.

And as you breathe out, say, “I am perfect just as I am. I accept all of the emotions that come my way and I am perfect just as I am.”

As you breathe out, say “I’m always with myself”.

Woohoo. You did it!

Can you hear your heart beating? Do you feel your chest lifting up as it fills with air and breathing? Oh,

Say to yourself “I embrace any joy that I feel”.

Say “I enjoy all of emotions that I feel. Even if they’re positive, neutral, or uncomfortable”.

Say “I’m doing awesome”.

Say “I’m doing great just as I am”.

Good job! Good job in embracing all the wonderful things happening in your life and that have happened. Good job in embracing your joy and happiness.

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