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Feeling Good & Empowered – HIIT /Cardio + Legs & Core + Meditation (28 Min) Ep 7

Theme: Feeling Good & Empowered

This is a great exercise meditation session to use regularly so that we can remember to feel good about things in our life and to feel empowered for the day.

Why Feeling Good & Empowered is Important

There’s usually always something we’re striving for.

And setting bold goals is great. But the reality is, is there’s always setbacks, progress is slow. So today we’re going to really go into feeling good daily and feeling grateful about what we have right now.

In addition, since I designed this episode to be a daily use workout, we’ll reflect about your past day, what we plan to do tomorrow and we focus on feeling empowered for the next day.

As we get ready to do our short, quick high-intensity interval workout. I’m going to go over the plan.

Workout Overview

  • Warm-up
    • Jumping Jacks
    • Jogging in Place
    • Basic squats
  • Workout (Do the set below 3 times)
    • Sidestep + Burpees (2 Minutes)
    • V-Up Crunches (1 Minute) or any other core exercise that is comfortable for you and your body.
    • Pike pushup with a Frog jump (1 Minute)
    • Break (30 Seconds)

Workout Format

During that rest I really want us to connect with our heart, feel our heart, put a hand on her heart. And instead of just letting our mind kind of wander, I want us to really take a deep breath and check in with ourselves.

After the 30 second break, we’ll repeat that set of exercises again. So that’s the side steps with burpees, the crunches and the pike with the frog jump. Then we’ll do that set one last time for a total of three times. And then finally we’ll finish with our meditation.

I’m excited about us trying something new with an interval format. A simple high-intensity three exercise workout.

For our final warmup exercise, we are going to do squats. Really try to get low. Stick out your butt. Engage your core. We’re just doing this for one minute.

Side Steps & Burpee

Take 3-4 low sidesteps and then do a non-pushup burpee. Then repeat in the opposite direction.

Pike Pushups & Frog Jump

Hinge forward at your hips and then walk your hands forward off on the ground. About three feet from your feet. Next you’ll bend your elbows so that the top of your head is almost touching the ground, and then you’re going to extend your elbows so that your head is back in its original position off of the ground.

They sort of resemble pushups in a handstand position.

After you bring your head back into its original position, to do the frog jump, you can just take your two feet and jump off the ground. Keeping your hands in the air. So it’s only your back legs are jumping.

If you have a bad back or you don’t feel comfortable with this one, you can definitely do frog jumps, which is basically to do a squat and then jump forward. And then keep jumping forward or if your in a limited amount of space jump backwards.

Feeling Good & Empowered Verbal Journaling

  1. How do you feel today?
  2. How has the past day or past few days been for you?
  3. Name one, whether it’s small or big, that happened recently, that you can feel good about.
  4. Name one or two people that mean a lot to you.
  5. Why are they special to you?
  6. How can you let them know today what you appreciate about them?
  7. Is there something that inspired you recently?
  8. What is one or two main things that you really want to accomplish over the next day?

Breathe Body Focus to Feel Good & Empowered

In today’s session, we are also trying something different. We are going to focus in saying “I can” with our whole body on the out-breath, as we exercise. Just think of it as you breathe out, you’ll either say one part of the phrase, either I or can. The goal is to feel like you’re moving with your whole body and you’re in touch with your whole body. So it’s going to sound like this, “I Can”.

We’ll start the timer now for one minute of pike pushups and frog jumps. Let’s really count out with our whole body. Let’s hear, “I can”. You want to push that breath out that word out , from your feet, from your, your torso, from your stomach and from your chest. Ah, these are big body breaths. You feel your whole body vibrate. Can I hear it? Say, ” I can”.

You’re doing great. This is such an empowering way to open up your body and activate every molecule inside of you so you feel ready for the day

Keep going nice and loud. “I..”, With your whole body with your stomach, with your chest go, “Can…” YUou imagine your whole body is saying this affirmation.

With your whole body, from your fingertips to your toes, to your legs, to your butt, to your stomach, say, “I…”, deep breath, “can…”

This time put one hand on your heart and one hand in your stomach. Focus on the vibrations in your heart. And in your pelvis.

Feel the blood flowing through your whole body.

One last set.

How does your body feel? You’re doing really great.

When you do these sidesteps and burpees, really trying to feel like you’re moving with your whole body. Notice the feet on the ground, feel the feet, the hands on the floor.

All right let’s get started. Two minutes of sides that burpees

Affirmations to Feel Good & Empowered

In the third segment of the workout, you’ll be saying these affirmations.
I’ll guide you via the guided workout audio above.

Say, “thank you to the clean water that nourishes and hydrates me.”

Say, “thank you for this time with myself to connect and care for myself.”

Say, “thank you for this amazing body that allows me to move.”

Say to yourself, “I am so grateful for the wonderful people that believe in me and support me every day. “

Say, “I’m grateful for myself for everything I’ve accomplished and I’m grateful for myself for the difficult things that it taught me so that I am empowered for my future.”

Say to yourself, “I am so grateful for all the skills that I have that has allowed me to get so much done in this world and is going to empower me to get more done for my future.”

Say to yourself, “I’m so grateful for the clean air that allows me to breathe and move freely.”

Say to yourself, “I’m so grateful for my dreams and ideas. And that I have a whole future ahead of me to achieve them.”

Say to yourself “I am so worthy of love, attention care from myself and from others.”

I hope you got to feel the impact of the floor on your hands and your feet and that you felt connected to the powerful earth under you.

Put a hand on your heart aAnd let’s just do some walking as we cool down. Bring your attention back to your chest.

Making sure you relax in your chest and your stomach and your breathing deep. Bring that attention to your organs so that as you breathe out, you’re really relaxing your organs, but you’re breathing out. From your whole body and your organs.

Say to yourself, “I don’t have to be afraid of my thoughts”. Say, “any fears or critical thoughts that I might have or just thoughts. I can choose to let them go, and I can focus on living from my heart and my body.”

Say to yourself, “there’s never a moment where I need to feel embarrassed about who I am or the experience I’m having.”

Say to yourself, “I am so strong. Whatever comes my way in the next day I can handle it.”

Say to yourself, “today I am open to new ideas, inspiring ideas and solutions that will help me achieve my dreams and goals.”

Say to yourself, “I’ve done amazing things in my life and today although I may take small steps they are amazing steps towards my dreams and goals.”

We’re just going to cool down for a few more minutes and do a short meditation when we’re done, you can definitely go back to thinking and planning. Just stay with yourself for now.

With your heart.

With your blood rushing.

With your organs.

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