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Guided Meditation: How to calm feelings of stress or anxiety? (12 Mins)


This is a guided meditation on how to calm feelings of stress or anxiety.

Some days can feel overwhelming with fear. It’s okay that you feel that way. In fact, it’s natural that you might feel that way.

However, I want you to know that there’s a Guiding Light Within you that can give you peace even with the challenges that you may face.

The goal of this meditation is to help you find that quiet Guiding Light full of knowledge and peace that will help comfort and support you through your journey.

It may not feel like you have even one minute to spare to think of anything else other than how you feel right now.

But trust me, I know and feel what you have felt. I sat down to meditate, convinced that what I was feeling at that very moment was the truth and there was no possible way I could feel different…

But slowly by redirecting my focus to my breath and my body and my count, I realized that my view of focus was really a small dot on the wall!

And by allowing myself to breathe into my body I was able to open myself up to the universe and have your much much wider perspective.

With this new perspective not only did I feel less stressed and anxious, but I also had more wisdom to allow answers to come to me.

I invite you to listen to this meditation so you can also feel the inner peace that lies within you and also connect with the knowledge of the universe that will guide you in your adventure. You can do this!



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