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Noticing Our Breathe Change Directions – 5 Min Meditation

This meditation is done at the end of episode 9 of Exercise Meditation, Permission to feel good, but you can listen to just the meditation portion here.

I encourage you to do a meditation at the end of your workouts. It’s one of the most magical parts of exercise meditation because now you can do rest into the beautiful energy of your body. There’s so much magic in you right then, and it’s louder than ever. Your body is calling for you to sit with it and be with it.

In today’s meditation session we are going to really stay with the count by keeping an extra focus on the changes in the direction of our breath.

So if you’ve meditated with me before, you know, that our practices to count only the out-breath starting from one and going to 10.

And that we want to start our count from the very moment that breathe starts to go outward. And then the very moment that the breath starts to go inward, we stop our count, and follow the breath.

And then it comes around to go back out. We count the next number such as two.

In today’s meditation will do the same thing but this time we’ll keep an extra focus on that point when the breath changes directions and starts to go out.

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