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Opening Up to New Visions – Jogging Meditation + Sitting Meditation ( 37 Min) Ep 6

Theme: Opening Up to new visions

Today’s theme is opening yourself up to a new vision. The goal is to give ourselves space and encouragement to imagine new possibilities for our life.

Workout Overview

So today’s exercise meditation session we are going to do intervals of about two minutes we are going to go up a hill and then we’re going to go down a hill so every two minutes you’ll be changing your incline and your speed.

From start to finish the exercise portion time is 29 minutes. The meditation portion after the exercise is just 5 and a half minutes. For a total time of about 35 minutes.

Although, this is set up as the treadmill running workout session, always know that I encourage you, as with all exercise meditation sessions, that you can do any movement that feels right for you. So if that’s walking, if that’s jog-walking, which is what I do sometimes or weights, that’s awesome.

Why this is Important

Today, we are going to allow ourselves to paint a new vision for some aspect of our life.

(Why/Goal/Feeling Solution)

Sometimes in our life, we are ready for something new and different. But allowing ourselves to think outside of our comfort zone or believe in something we’ve never done can be really challenging.

And while you imagine these possibilities, just remind yourself. By saying out loud that you’re not necessarily committing to these ideas, suggestions that you might have. It’s just a matter of thinking of them and seeing how you react. We are looking for ideas that create the spark and lead you to a path that’s right for you.

That you would never have initially imagined if you just focused on productivity and lists and doing the next step. This is a strategic meeting with yourself to allow for new strategies that could be optimal for what would make you happy. .

How I lost $20k because I couldn’t be Open to a new vision for myself

There are so many times in my life where I sat out on one plan because it felt safe or realistic. And I just didn’t have the time to think of other ways because it seemed unproductive. I needed to get it done. However, there were better options that were worthwhile taking the time to think through.

For example, when I was renovating this house, it was almost a full build. I used a contractor that I had known for 10 years. It seemed like the right decision. But he started to become flaky and charged me very high prices. Although in my mind, I couldn’t change the contractor because I felt loyal to them and I thought that the project would be ruined if I didn’t stay with one person.

However that wasn’t true. If I had changed, I would have probably saved 10 to $20,000.

And had a better made house.

When I think about this mistake that I made, I really try to push myself to stop and take a moment to think through other options that my mind is probably extremely resistant to.

My hope is that by the end of today’s session, that you feel empowered, inspired and have a bunch of ideas that you can run with. Explore, or that lead to more ideas for your happiness and success.

Opening Up to new visions Verbal Journaling

What areas in your life do you feel you need to explore a new life vision for? This could be for work a relationship. A daily routine that you do. Where you live, maybe. Or new health visions for yourself.

Maybe there’s an area in your life that you feel like you can and should think bigger.

Or is there anything currently frustrating you about a specific area in your life?

Now that you thought of an area that you want to think of a new possibility for.

Tell me within that area, what bothers you about it?

Great work! Hills are not easy. Decrease your incline by one and a half and increase your speed by two.

You’re doing amazing.

What do you want for yourself in that area of your life?

It’s okay. If you don’t know exactly what you want in that area of your life. However, you probably know that you want something to be different and you feel you could be happier. So let’s run with that. I want you to imagine you had $100,000 to really make changes in your life in this specific area. So now you have the resources, to achieve this.

So I want you to throw out a crazy idea of a new life vision for this area that you would work to achieve. If you had the resources you needed to achieve this. No one is going to hear this. And you don’t have to feel committed that this is what you’re going to do. This is just a thought experiment.

So tell me a crazy, interesting, new vision you’d imagine for your life if you were given a hundred thousand dollars to pursue it.

Nice work.

Now we’re going to do thought experiment number two. Some people say to me, “well, what if I have kids?” or “I have a lot of obligations that he still need to take care of?” So I want you to imagine that. 6 months just stood still and you had time to a hundred percent focus on this goal. And imagine that you had $500,000 now.

So you really have resources and you can hire the help that you need. What would your new life vision look like?

Nice work.

Are you ready to go back up the hill? Increase your incline by two but decrease your speed by one and a half. You’re doing really good. Keep going.

(Insert 1 min)

Good job with that. Now we’re going to do this one last time.

So imagine you have this $500,000 to focus on this possible new life vision of yours and you have 6 months. A full-time focus. Now imagine that someone has called you offering you this great opportunity to help you achieve your goal.

If health is your goal, maybe this amazing personal trainer who helps you achieve your goals, calls you and says, “I want to help you”. Or perhaps a job opportunity calls you or an old friend.

What would that opportunity be? Who would be on the other line? And what opportunity would they be presenting you?

I want you to even think bigger now about this life vision that you could create for yourself.

What would it look like with all of these resources behind it?

It’s courageous of you to even allow your mind to explore these different life visions.

Was there any negative criticism, fear or excitement or positive emotions that came up as you went through this?

Why do you think you felt that way?

If you could pinpoint that thought or give that feeling words, what would it be saying?

Good job! The last few questions were probably a little tough but you did it. Good work!

I want you to say to yourself “I can do this”. With your whole body take a big deep breath and say “I can do this”. Say to yourself “I can achieve new visions of my life.” Say to yourself “I have achieved new visions in my life and I can achieve more new visions and goals”. Say “I can achieve whatever I put my mind to.”

As you push forward, I’m gonna share some inspiring quotes.

Know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world

Oprah Winfrey

Define success in your own terms. Achieve it by your own rules. And build a life you’re proud to live.

Anne Sweeney

Do the thing that you think you cannot do.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Get glowing. The world needs your magic.

Author Unknown

Guided Meditative Breathing

Your heart is pumping. You’re moving.

Watch the breath as it comes out.

Watch your breath as it comes in. Feel it in your chest, feel it in the back of your chest. Feel it in your stomach, but relax your stomach. Watch the breath as it goes out.

Stay with your breath. Stay, stay, stay. Watch the breath as it comes in.

Let it come into your legs and your pelvis, into your toes, into your arms. Let it come in, stay with it, feel it, feel it in the body, stay with it. And then as it comes out, watch the whole breath. Ah.


Stay with it as it comes in. Stay with it, stay with it, watch it, watch it, watch it. As it turns on. Stay. As it goes.

All right. Let’s try to count to 10.

Watch the breath, watch the breath as it comes in in the moment it changes directions count, one.

Stay with the breath, stay with it, feel it in the chest. As it comes in, stay, breathe out. Count two.

Stay with the breath. Watch it as it changes directions three, stay, stay in the chest, stay in the stomach, stay wash the breath, come back in.

Stay stay, stay, stay watch as it comes out, four.

As it comes back in and stay with the breath watch as it comes out, five.

Keep with the breath, stay with it. Count. Every time it comes out, even though it’s a short breath, it’s a short breath. Keep staying with it.

Feel it expand your chest and your stomach as it comes out, six.

Stay with the breath as it comes back in, stay with it, stay with it, watch it as it comes at seven. Stay with it in the body. Stay with your legs, stay with your chest with your pelvis. Stay with the chesty and your chest as it comes out eight, as it comes back in, stay with it.

As it comes out now, nine. Stay. Feel the breath. Feel the space in your chest. Feel it every time you count out.

Nice work now you’re onto the next hill. Increase your incline by one and a half and decrease your speed by one.

You’re probably on 10, let’s start over.

Feel the breath in your stomach, stay with it. Stay it comes in and the moment it goes out, stay in the stomach. Stay in your chest. Stay as it comes back in. You’re just staying in your body.

You’re feeling every movement. Feel your heartbeat. Stay with the breath as it comes in and watch it. Watch as it turns around, stay with it as it comes out, stay with it. Ah, You’re doing great. Keep going. Keep going, keep trying to count every out-breath. And then watch it as it comes back in, as you stay in your body.

Take a bigger, deeper, deeper breath. Stay in the chest. Watch it relax your face, relax your chest, relax your stomach. As your breath coat goes out and you’re staying as it comes back in. Watch it as the breath turns right in your stain with it, as it goes out. And you’re staying with it as it comes back in, staying in the body.

Relax, relax. The body. You’re doing so good. Breathe a little bit deeper into the chest as you run. Breathe a little bit deeper into the front of your chest. Counting stay with the count. Breathe a little deeper as it goes into your stomach. Relax, the stomach, relax the chest, breathe a little deeper. As you breathe in into the back of your chest, into the back of your stomach, stay.

We’re almost to the end of this run. Keep it up just a few more minutes. Decrease your inclined by two and increase your speed by one.

You are doing awesome.

Breathe in deeper into the front of your chest and to the stomach. Watch it watch it.

Breathe out.

Breathe in deeper into your chest. Deeper, deeper, relax, deeper, deeper. Stay with it. Stay with it. Watch it as it goes up, stay in your chest. Stay. Stay in your chest, as it goes out. Stay in your chest as it comes back in.

Stay in your body. Just feeling every vibration in your body. Feeling your heartbeat. Watching your breath as it goes in. And it goes out.

You’re doing amazing. You’re doing so good. Staying in your body. Just keep staying with the breath as it goes in. And as it goes out. As it comes in. Stay with it, stay with it. It might be a short breath and it might come right back out, but you’re staying in your chest and you’re staying in your body. You’re staying in your lungs. You’re staying in your rib cage.

You’re feeling. Just this space. Just this space. As it comes in, just stay in that empty space. The spaciousness of your body, stay there. Stay there. Feel your heartbeat. Stay there. Watch the breath. Stay with it. As you keep going. You’re doing so amazing. Stay.

For the next four minutes, really try to stay with that breath. Stay with the count. Stay with it. Keep going. Feel it. Count it as it comes out. Coach yourself to stay with the breath, relaxing your body. And staying with the count. Try to get to 10. Watch it, watch it. And as it turns directions, count out, two.

Staying in your chest and your body, as it comes back in, staying relaxed in the chest. Relaxing the back. Breathing in. Feeling your heartbeat.

These are your last few pushes. Increase your inclined by three and a half and decrease your speed by two. You are doing amazing.

Good job running and counting. Keeping the body relaxed, but kind of just breathing a little deeper into your chest. Into your stomach. Into your legs. Into your feet. And as you breathe, you feel your heartbeat and then stay with it as it comes out. Just feeling your organs as the breath comes out, but staying in the body.

Feeling it, feeling the emptiness, watching the breath comes right back in. Like an ocean wave she’s coming in. And out of the body but staying with that ocean wave. As it goes out and staying with it as it comes back in. And watching it and staying with it as it comes out. Staying with it, as it comes in.

Stay in the body though. Stay in the organs, in the chest, in the stomach. The moment the breath comes out still stay, feel the emptiness as the breath leaves your body. Staying in your chest and then feeling the chest as the breath that comes back in and back into the stomach. Staying. You’re doing great. Keep going.

Keep going.

Affirmations to Open Up To New Visions

Take this moment and remember all the many brave and bold steps that you’ve taken in your life. And the unpredictable twists and turns.

Now say to yourself, “I can do this”. Say to yourself, “I can do this”.

Say to yourself, “I can create new visions for my life. And I can achieve these new visions for my life”.

Say to yourself “I can achieve new ways of doing things in my life.”

Say to yourself, “I can take risks in my life. And achieve different things that I’m unfamiliar with.”

Say to yourself “I have accomplished so much in my life. I congratulate myself for these difficult challenges that I took on.”

Say to yourself “even if it felt like not a big deal at the time, it was a big deal and I congratulate myself.”

Say to yourself, “I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

Say to yourself “I am capable. Beyond what I can even see right now. I am so capable. I can achieve beyond what I can even imagine right now.”

You’re really crushing it. You got this.

Say to yourself “I can never predict how my life has unfolded and I cannot predict the future right now.”

Let’s say to yourself “allowing myself to set new goals even if they don’t feel comfortable allows me to open doors to new adventures.”

Say to yourself “I am worthy and capable to achieve these goals.”

Say to yourself, “there are new and exciting visions and adventures waiting for me. I just have to choose what I want.”

Say to yourself. “The past is the past. My past doesn’t define me.”

“Tomorrow is a new day.”

“I have the freedom and ability to achieve new things in my life.”

Say “I believe in myself.”

“I can do this.”

High five. You’ve made it. We’re going into cool-down decrease your incline and your speed to something that you like to cool down to.

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