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Staying With Ourselves – 5 Min. Guided Meditation

Go ahead and sit down. Take a big deep breath.

Stay with your heartbeat, feel, feel that heartbeat. Mm

mm. Let go. Of the thoughts. Let’s stay with our count. If you haven’t been able to listen to the intro to meditation. That’s okay. What we’re going to just try to do is count our out. To the very moment, the breath changes directions. We’re going to keep her count and the count to 10, just sit in the comfortable position with your hands in your lap.

With your thumb, slightly touching, breathing. Watch the breath, stay with the breath. Watch it, watch it, watch it. Stay with the. Feel the heartbeat, relax the body, breathe into the legs and allow your breath to naturally organically. Leave your body. Stay with the breath. So stay counting out, uh,

stay with the breath.

The out-breath three. Let the thoughts. Few of the blood rushing through your lungs, rushing through your chest. Feel the heartbeat, relax the body, relax the face, watch the breath, allow it to naturally leave your body and counter.

come back to your body. Let go of any thoughts.

Imagine you were sitting inside your body,

feeling all the Cenergy

stay with the breath from the moment it comes in.

Changes directions and stay with it. As it goes, stay with it, stay with it, stay with it, stay with your breath. Feel it, feel it to your whole body. As you sit inside the center of your body, feel everything in your legs, your organs, your toes. Watch the breath in with your whole body. Breathe out and go.

Watch the bodies, it comes back in, stay with the whole body. Is it present seven?

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